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I am currently a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the computer science department at Indiana University Bloomington. My advisors are Prof. Luyi Xing and Xiaojing Liao. My research interests focus on privacy compliance analysis, vulnerability assessment, and software supply chain security. In general, my research interests are to discover security flaws in the system design or to reveal critical malicious behavior that violates user privacy by leveraging both program analysis techniques and machine learning techniques(eg., Natural Language Processing).

Recent Research Areas & Interests:
(three first author papers and two other papers)

  • Privacy compliance check: [Usenix'23-Lalaine], [Usenix'21-XLDH]

  • Vulnerability assessment: [Usenix'22-DiffCVSS], [CCS'23-CEAM]

  • System security analysis: [CCS'20]

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